Basic Dottie and Fashion Plate Dottie

Names: Basic Dottie and Fashion Plate Dottie

Made by and When: Tonner Doll Co.® (Robert Tonner), both were released in 2006.

Material:  Vinyl face and arms, hard plastic body and legs

Marks: ©2005 TONNER DOLL COMPANY (on the heads)

Height: 10 inches

Basic Dottie and Fashion Plate Dottie

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Basic Dottie has an auburn-rooted ponytail with side-swept bangs. Both dolls’ eyes are painted green with faintly painted upper and lower eyelashes and neutral eyeshadow. The mouths are closed. Fashion Plate Dottie’s black hair is rooted and styled in a curly chignon with curls that frame the face.

Basic Dottie

Clothes: Basic Dottie wears a white lace teddy, white high-heel shoes, and a white sheer ribbon headband. In one of the gallery photos, Basic Dottie wears the Barbie® Fashion Avenue Metro “Brunch in Boston 2000” ensemble.

Fashion Plate Dottie

Fashion Plate Dottie wears a red and black brocade sheath with a matching coat and pillbox hat that has red feather and faux ruby accents, flesh-tone fishnet stockings, black faux suede pumps, and faux ruby stud earrings. As seen in the final gallery image, Fashion Plate Dottie was released wearing black above-elbow gloves and a faux ruby tennis bracelet.

Both dolls have a custom Tiny Kitty Collier™ stand and hangtag.

Other: Dottie is from the Tiny Kitty Collier™ Collection, best friend of Tiny Kitty™, a smaller version of Tonner’s 16-inch Kitty Collier; 16-inch versions of Dottie were not released.  Produced in a limited edition of 1000, both 10-inch dolls have the usual five points of articulation with additional articulation at the waists and knees.


~Basic Dottie~

~Fashion Plate Dottie~

Fashion Plate Dottie’s original fashion includes black above-elbow gloves and a faux ruby tennis bracelet.


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