Name: Sisqó

Made by and When: Play Along, 2001

Material: Vinyl

Marks: The box is numbered Play Along™ 7300 (Due to this doll’s never-removed-from-box state, the physical marks are not visible.) The doll has several tattoos. Doll enthusiast, Beverly Rhett described her Sisqó’s tattoos as “a dragon tattoo on the left side of the neck, a tiger tattoo on the upper left chest near the shoulder; a treble cleft tattoo on the right biceps; and a sun tattoo around the navel.”

Height: 11-1/2 inches

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Platinum-blonde sculpted cornrows, brown painted eyes, closed mouth with a thin mustache and goatee.

Clothes/Accessories: Yellow faux leather jacket and pants, yellow shoes, removable gold-tone dragon-pendant chain necklaces, nonremovable stud earrings; accessories include info card, cell phone, and microphone.

Other: This doll is not an exact portrait of the former Dru Hill group member, Sisqó, who had gone solo at the time the doll was made. The upper and lower sections of the back of this doll’s box read:

“With his leather suits and dragon-theme jewelry, the platinum star Sisqó is staking out his musical domain! His so-smooth music and lyrics are grabbing funky R&B and pop audiences alike! The 2000 summer sizzler ‘Thong Song’ climbed its way to the top and paved the way for Sisquo’s Unleash the Dragon CD to go triple platinum!”

“Full Name: Mark Andrews
Birthday: 11/9/75
Birth Place: Baltimore, MD
Favorite Performers:  Will Smith and Michael Jackson
First Solo Album:  ‘Unleash the Dragon’
Awards: Teen People Choice Award; MTV Video Music Award; and Billboard Award
Collaboration:  Worked on the song and video for Will Smith’s hit ‘Wild, Wild West’
Other Names:  The Golden Child and The Dragon”


Other Dolls

This Sisqó is one of others by Play Along. See three versions with sculpted cornrows here. There is one other version dressed in red faux leather with short-cropped, sculpted platinum-blonde hair. It appears that three different fashions were used for two sets of the two dolls (one with sculpted cornrows and the other with sculpted platinum-blonde, cropped hair).


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