First Black Francie

Name: First Black Francie (a.k.a. “Colored” Francie) Made by and When: Mattel, box date ©1965 (released in 1967) Material: Vinyl Marks: (Inside head rim) ©1965 Mattel Inc; (body) ©1966/Mattel, Inc +/- Country/U.S. Patented/U.S. Pat. Pend/Made in Japan Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Red rooted, below-the-shoulder length hair with flipped ends and straight bangs/light brown painted eyesContinue reading “First Black Francie”

Talking Brad

Name: Talking Brad Made by and When: Mattel, 1970 Material: Vinyl, bendable legs Marks: © 1968 Mattel, Inc. U.S. & For. Pat’d Other Pat’s Pending Mexico Height: 12 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black hair/brown painted eyes/closed mouth Clothes: Brightly colored geometric-print pull-on shirt with solid color orange shorts Other: Talking Brad is Talking Christie’s boyfriend. HisContinue reading “Talking Brad”

Grown Up Tammy

Name: Grown Up Tammy Made by and When: Ideal Toys, 1965 Material: Vinyl Marks: 1965 / Ideal / 7-12 (on right hip) Height: 12 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Brown rooted hair/brown side-glancing eyes/painted red lips Clothes: White-trimmed turquoise romper, white vinyl shoes Other: Ideal created this slender Tammy that could wear some of Barbie’s clothes. The originalContinue reading “Grown Up Tammy”

Welcome Home

Welcome to DeeBeeGee’s Virtual Black Doll Museum™, which is devoted to collectors of Black dolls and to those who have a keen interest in Black-doll information. Museum installations (posts) include five main doll categories: antique, vintage, vintage Barbie, modern, and one-of-a-kind dolls. Statement of Exclusion: Because this site celebrates Black dolls that are culturally, historically,Continue reading “Welcome Home”


Mission Statement: DeeBeeGee’s Virtual Black Doll Museum™ endeavors to preserve Black-doll history by documenting historically significant and noteworthy contemporary Black dolls. This online museum, which is open 24/7 curates antique, vintage, modern, and one-of-a-kind Black dolls through photographs, detailed descriptions, links to additional references, and videos. The curated doll categories are defined as follows: AntiqueContinue reading “About”