Jasmine by FIBA

Jasmine is a 27-inch Black doll made in Italy by Fiba, circa 1990s. #blackdoll #blackdollmadeinitaly #dollmadeinitaly #artistdoll


Representing a girl from Somalia, Matoka was made in a limited edition of 377 dolls worldwide. #artistdoll #vinylartistdoll #blackvinylartistdoll, #dollmadeinSpain


Kuki represents a girl from Africa. #artistdoll #AnnetteHimstedt #vinylartistdoll #blackvinylartistdoll


Amber represents a 7-year-old Jamaican girl of the 1970s. #AnnetteHimstedt #artistdoll #blackartistdoll #blackdoll


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The first and only virtual Black doll museum where culturally, historically, and/or aesthetically significant, antique, vintage, modern, and OOAK Black dolls are celebrated 24/7.

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